Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Cotton Tails

When I started looking into cloth diapering (CD) I was overwhelmed by the choices.  Diaper sprayers, boosters, aplix, snaps, liners, special soap, sizing, prices.....I could go on.  I didn't know anyone who used CD's close to me.  Sure, I had the {amazing} friend in Japan and {equally amazing} friend in Southern Utah, but that was about it.  But I couldn't look at how they did it, I couldn't touch the different fabrics or smell the soaps, (very important to me...I'll save this for a later post) and I knew I needed someone closer to home.  When I searched cloth diapering in Utah there weren't too many hits.  I think the closest one was Happy Cotton Tails, just north of Salt Lake City and that worked perfectly for me.  

I emailed the company and asked if I could come and look at their stuff, (because they don't have a store front, you can't just walk in!) and was surprised how fast Laura answered me back.  She seemed genuinely thrilled to hear from me and we set a date that worked for both of us.  When I got there she showed me all of her products that pertained to me and my questions.  She only sells the things that she's used and loved.  

I immediately fell in love with the AppleCheeks brand based out of Canada and bought some that day.  This was great for me because I knew that I was buying something I would love because it came so highly recommended.  Plus, I'd never heard of AppleCheeks before, so it made it even better that I didn't feel like I was buying a major brand because it was the number one fav.  (Root for the underdog!) Now I can't imagine going anywhere else for my CD's.  

If you're considering CD's or want to add to your collection, you should definitely check out her website.  Click on the button on the left, or check her out on Facebook.

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