Monday, July 25, 2011

Contain it, Part II

This is the underbelly of my bathroom sink.  Personally, I'm always surprised how crowded it looks.  Mind you, I sincerely thought about cleaning it for you.  But I'm not going to 'pose' and give you a less than real life me.  Now, some other ways I thought of of reusing old stuff are 
1. the microfiber cloth on top?  It's a diaper booster.  From the cloth diapers.  We put the babe in disposables for the night, because being more absorbent I like to think she doesn't know she's sitting in a full diaper for most of the night.  So we have the extra boosters and use them for dusting and cleaning.  (They're not interchangeable here.) But hooray!  Using what we have and not having to buy more stuff!  
2. the comet underneath said microfiber cloth.  In an old parmesan cheese container from Sam's Club.  

I really like this because if Vans gets into my sink area she can't do too much with this.  It won't spill if it gets knocked over, stuff can't drip into it, it's not inhale-able, etc.  Anyway, I came up with this one on my own.  
Do you use anything creative to contain your messes?

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