Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dept of Health is watching your vaccines

It's true!
I wouldn't lie to you!
My sweet tiny baby turned 9 months last Wednesday. 
And like the diligent mom I am took her to the doctor on Thursday.
And she got her final Hep B shot.  (the only one on the docket for the day.)
On Monday I got a call from Dept. of Health telling me that I was behind in my motherly duty of immunizing my Prodigy. I was needless to say; bugged.  
I told the lady that she was mistaken and explained the situation. She said that the pediatrician had probably sent in her updates before our visit.  Okay, fine.  BUT that's dumb because Vans didn't even turn 9 months until last week.  So even if they had been turned in she wasn't legitimately old enough to get said shot.  Annoying.

But that's not the point of this story.  The point is that the Dept. of Health is playing Big Brother and watching your vaccine schedule for you.  (how nice!  right?  ...)  The lady I spoke to said if I wanted to have my child removed I needed to talk to my pediatrician.  What bugs me is A. no one ever ASKED me or TOLD me that this was happening.  What else aren't they telling me?  B. It is no one's business but mine whether my child gets stabbed in the leg each time we go to the doc. Why does the Dept. of Health need to know that anyway?  (I feel bad for the parents who don't and have to get guilt trips for it ALL. THE. TIME. so not fair.  I mean, I get the school's sort-of reasons.  But not a 9 month old.
and C. why waste precious state and federal funding on this!?  This is where my tax dollars go?  to the dept. of health's big brother sub-dept.?  Sad.  I don't think I voted for that...

What do you think?  Do you think it's the government's business or not?

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  1. It is SO sad to see mother's who decide not to vaccinate go to the dr/er with their babies. My best friend took her daughter to the er a few times with me because she had RSV and everytime she would get dirty looks and be drilled for making a decision that was best for HER baby and HERself! Personally I feel like it's none of their DARN business!