Friday, August 26, 2011

A baby, 40,000 feet up

As I mentioned yesterday little Vansey-pooh and I will be taking the air-route to Virginia next week to help my parents move.  (This picture is from last Christmas with Santa/Grandpa in VA) True to form, taking an almost 11 month old is not the same as a just turned 2 month old on an airplane.  However I did learn some things last time that I'm pocketing away for any future traveling.

Plan for the worst and then expect it.

Case in point: Last year even though weather was good in VA and Salt Lake there were many other flights that had been messed up due to bad weather and we didn't leave for almost 2 hours after we were supposed to take off.  Therefore, Diego and I were both hungry because we'd forgone getting something before we touched the airport's marbled floors.    They changed our connection (or actually, gave us one when it was supposed to be a direct flight) and we had to stop over in Atlanta.  Because we left much later than expected the baby was thrown off.  I had had it planned PERFECTLY for her to eat right at take-off and sleep the rest of the flight.  Even when we landed in Atlanta it took them quite a while to find somewhere to let us all off the plane.  Which in my experience is the most stressful part of a flight.  Everyone wants off that plane.  And everyone wants to be first.  And my kid is screaming because she's just mad at the world.  Diego and I were quietly snickering at the whole situation because there's nothing we can do and yes the poor passengers were the ones suffering, but who's fault is it that the plane didn't leave on time?  Not mine I tell you!

Then they gave us a voucher for a hotel (it ended up being a WHOLE PENNY cheaper than if we'd decided to stay there ourselves.)  (and it was by far the dumpiest hotel of my life, but I'll keep that story for another day.) But we hadn't had room for her diapers in the carry-ons.  And they wouldn't let us have  them.  Which is fine...I guess.  But WHY OH WHY don't airports sell baby gear?  I tell you they would make out like robbers in the Great American Frontier or pirates on the High Seas.  Diapers, wipes, baby food and sippy cups, honestly, AND they could charge like 400% more than any store because you're stuck! You have no where to go!  But they don't, so everyone suffers.

We would've spent the night in the airport but getting up every 2-3 hours to feed the baby with no privacy and no where to get comfortable isn't my idea of an adventure!  So next problem, diapers.  We asked the shuttle to the "hotel" if there was an convenient store around.  No such luck.  I'm not going to tell you how we "roughed it" because this is a family friendly blog and not appropriate for tiny ears.  But it goes without saying that I won't be caught in that situation again.  We HAD enough diapers for the plane.  If we hadn't had to spend the night.  And lets pretend we'd packed an entire case of diapers in the carry-on.  It wouldn't have mattered because there's ALWAYS something that happens.  So my plan de accion for next time is to have a non-fleece cloth diaper or some rubber swim pants (they're not really rubber...maybe they were once upon a time) and then you could reuse it as often as you needed to and stuff it with whatever you have on hand.  paper towels (don't use TP--it is really hard to clean off), pads...etc...anyway, you get my point.  AND THEN you're not giving all your valuable carry-on real estate to your baby's bathroom needs.  (I'm just sayin'...)

So this time (wow that was a lot of back story, boy I feel better!) I'm packing the aforementioned diaper needs, lots of extra baby clothes, meds, a change of clothes for me (in case I don't have my bags and I get stuck somewhere OR if she feels the need to do any number of horrible things to my outfit, I'm not stuck wearing it for hours.)  a baby carrier or stroller.  (I opt for the baby wearing in this situation--if your baby is small enough--because I'm super paranoid about someone kidnapping my Prodigy.)  and any feeding essentials.  this time that is snacks, spoons, baby food, bib, and LOTS AND LOTS of wipes.  Hopefully I'll have my bases covered.  The only one I'm worried about is how to entertain/keep quiet a 10 month old.

Do you have any tips for me??  What are your baby traveling essentials?  

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