Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Cash Envelope System

The Background: My Great Aunt (Aunt Carolyn) is an amazing woman.  She's seen so many things come and go and has such great insight that going to her home is a great joy for me.  I'm so glad that I am able to visit her and hear about her stories.

Once she told me about how she and her late husband (my Great Uncle by blood) would budget with a cash envelope system.  I've seen this circling the internet sites recently and it amazes me how the things that are tried and true keep coming back.

I've never done this, and to be honest I'm a little scared to start....what if I cheat?!?  What if I don't have enough money for something??  What if an emergency happens??  Especially with the upcoming months.

In September I'm flying to VA with the Babe to help my parents out, October we're flying to FL to visit his parents and then you've got the holidays after that!

But I'm committed to trying.  So starting Sept. 1 we're going to try out a cash system and see how we do.

Would you ever do this??


  1. I would totally do this! Maybe I should try it along with you!

  2. I hope you do! I'm interested in how we'll do.