Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Great Debate

When the baby finally sleeps, what do you do?

A. Relax (Veg) on the couch checking blogs, emails, etc.
B. Actually get stuff done; cleaning, personal care, eating...etc.

Okay, now I feel super lazy. 

It's SO HARD to want to move when you're sooo tired!  :-(
But then I feel so guilty when she's awake because we don't really play/read books, etc..
It's more her follow me around the house while I do the things that I didn't do when she was sleeping...

Now I feel like a bad mom.

WHY!?!?  WHY can't she just sleep through the night, then I'd have more energy to take care of this stuff while she's sleeping and then we could play together during her waking hours!! 

VANS, GO TO SLEEP!!!!  its all HER fault!  I'm the victim here! 

Now I'm the victim in the clutches of my 10 month old!  How did I get to this point??!

How to retake my life.....ideas?  anyone?  please?

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