Monday, August 1, 2011

Milk....it does a body good?

Let me preface this with:
I love my dairy.
A. Lot.
I think while I was pregnant I ate more of those little cow bell cheeses than I human should eat.  But hey!  Everything I read said that cheese was good for baby, so cheese I ate.  (I ate other things too...)
I think my baby came out being a cheese baby.  She looked so good with her rolls and chubby cheeks.  (they're a daily comment factor for new-comers.)  So when I started to see non-normal diapers I made an appt. to see her doctor.  
I couldn't believe what I heard when she said that Vans's diapers were non-normal because of the protein in the cow's milk that she was getting from me.  (The Handsome Husband says I eat too much milk/dairy anyway...I think he was secretly pleased....although maybe not so pleased when he heard me whine for about 3 or 4 months.........)  She [the doctor] said I should go on a strict no dairy diet until she's 6 months old.  I secretly cheered.  That was only 2 weeks away!  Mwhahaha!   You can't take the dairy out of me!  (Yeah right...)Well I told her that was only 2 weeks away and she upped it to Vans being 8 months old.  So I did it.  For the sake of my baby I did it.  

People asked me why I didn't just switch her to formula.  (Because THEY couldn't do it.)  I thought about it for .3 seconds and it didn't feel right.  It didn't feel like something that was good for me or my baby.  We'd already established a nursing habit, because I stayed home with her switching to formula wouldn't be easy (or cheap!) and she hates bottles.  (yes, I've spoiled my child.) So, whatever, I can do this.  About the same time I started reading more about being healthy and Go Veggies! and that lead to "maybe getting the dairy out isn't such a bad idea...." plus, it's cheaper.  seriously.  you try splitting EVERYTHING you eat up  at the checkout line that has dairy and all the non-dairy items (yes, bread has dairy...check your labels!) (pss whey is dairy) and tell me how much you spend in dairy.  

ANYWAY, I did it.  I started bringing Dairy back in and she was good.  Then her diapers looked non-normal again.  So I decided to take myself out of the dairy game and wait for her 9 mo. appt.  They said she was the picture of perfect baby health.  And that I was over-thinking it and she was fine.  (SO WISH I'D THOUGHT OF THAT a month earlier!  but whatever!)  

Here's what I learned:  Milk is not for babies.  Many babies have an "intolerance" to cow protein.  This is different than being Lactose Intolerant.  Dairy isn't cheap.  Dairy isn't really good for you in the massive quantities we eat it in.  (Think cheese, cream, butter and milk.) I lost over 30 pounds after I gave up the Cow.  (You might argue, well you had a baby!  duh you lost weight!  And you'd be right, BUT I weigh less now than I did even BEFORE I got pregnant.  so I'm just saying, I've been there, I feel for you people that wake up and find out you can't eat something anymore. ...you diabetics and lactose and gluten people!  It made me more compassionate, healthier; I had to think more about my food options and put more effort into them, it got me out of meals I maybe didn't want to eat and was a conversation starter.  :)  Have you ever had to give up something love for your baby?  or for yourself?

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