Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Be careful where you step!

Yesterday was one of those trying days that no one wants to do over.  The Handsome Husband has finals this week and spent most of the evening at the library.  Because Vans and I dropped him off, we are also responsible for picking him up.  So at 9 we drove up the the U (go Utes!) to retrieve our man.  We got there a little early and surprised him in the library.  (I was very pleased that the Prodigy made no noises while there.)  He said he'd take a few more minutes and then meet up with us outside.

So we meandered around, looking at the fountain, touching the lavender plants, standing on construction sites, you know, exploring.  When the Handsome Husband finally finished we were on one side that was closer to the car but to get to it quickly we'd have to go through a blocked off sidewalk due to construction.  (WHY is everything under construction!?)  He had the baby, I've got his computer and it's dark.  After nine, and surrounded by big buildings casting long, dark shadows.  Somehow, I stepped off the would-be-curb and instead of my feet hitting solid ground beneath them I fell up to my knees in Construction Water.  Let me just say that, Construction Water is gross.  Its cold, sandy, gravelly and just dirty.

It got me thinking though about how many times we step off something safe and *think* there's something underneath to catch us or someone and sometimes it works and sometimes you fall.  Diego was very very happy I didn't drop the computer.  I was too in shock to move.  It took me a few heartbeats to realize where I was and what had happened.  It also reminded me of movies with people hiking in snow and ice and one person is just standing there and the next they're gone.  Dropped right off a cliff or hole that they couldn't see and didn't know existed.

There were so many small lessons in this.  Don't walk through blocked off construction sites.  Don't step in something that maybe doesn't quite look like a sidewalk.  Listen to that Still, Small Voice that raises the flag of warning.  You know.  Lessons.  Diego learned lessons too.  He learned that I always to things that he thinks are really funny.  He learned I won't let go of the computer in a moment of panic.  I also learned I'm never living this down.  I didn't mean for this to be spiritual, but that's what came out.  But seriously, I wish you'd have been there.  I'm sure you would've enjoyed it as much as the Handsome Husband did.

Have you ever done anything like that?  What's your most embarrassing moment?

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