Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The part when I was actually in VA

*side note -- my hubby keeps point out to me that I call it V.A. lately instead of Virginia.  Do you ever do something like that??*

     The whole reason for my impromptu excursion was that my family was in desperate need of fresh meat for their move.  (They moved to a new town 3 hours away.)  This in and of itself isn't so terrible.  What IS terrible is when out of 5 kids, (I'm numero uno--that means the best, most awesome one EVER in case you didn't know)  my bro-ha is in college and who really brings ALL their childhood memories to college?  thus not only unable to assist, but also with baggage.  Then we have my sister, (Hermana Lauren -- currently serving the good people of Spokane, WA and bringing them closer to God) who again, for obvious reasons isn't going to bring all HER childhood memories to Spokane.  Missionaries travel light, and this girl packs it in.  Yes, many memories will be her job to sift through upon her return next fall.  Then we have the second sister, who, you guessed it, is in the dorms and obviously can't be bothered with nostalgia and the crap stuff that comes with it.  :)  Then finally, you have the baby, the 11 year old.  Who, although totally helpful and very eager to serve, (she's not a teenager....yet..) is tired from moving all summer.  Plus the padres who are also very tired and like I said, in need of fresh meat.
     Thats where I came in.  ta-da!  your fairy god mother, to make all your wishes and dreams come true! and not to put salsa on my tacos (this is a Mexican phrase meaning that you're giving yourself airs or credit where it is probably deserved, but maybe not....but mine totally is.) So vansy-pansy and I hop on the little tiny 747 and make the house shine.  Okay maybe not really, but ya know.
     The whole point to telling you about the family line-up is that if you know that you can understand how many other people's stuff we're dealing with and how much space all of that stuff takes up.  Yes, you could say, well Cam DUH get a storage unit.  But first you have to FIND all the stuff that the movers haphazardly put everywhere.  Second problem: one box might contain things belonging in 3+ areas of the home.  So you're CONSTANTLY bringing things up the stairs, or down the stairs all. day. long.  yes, the back massages were many and in the end my knots had knots!

tomorrow I'll tell you all about the flooding and hurricane that happened while I was there!!!


  1. I'm eagerly awaiting the continuation of your saga!

  2. I know. But I did JUST get these on the computer about 15 minutes before I saw your comment. So, hooray!! I'm commenting back and you pushed me to finish!!!