Monday, September 19, 2011

Sorry everyone...

I know, I know, I've been a terrible blogger.  But I have some pictures to make up for it and some great stories to share.  First up, my trip to VA with a 10 month old. (did I mention she was/is teething??)

  So our departure went like this: I handed the guy checking id's ours (yes, I brought her picture pool pass, totally not worth it as the guy didn't even crack a smile.  "WHAT?!!  she's flying, she has a picture id, what gives?!"  And they made her take off her shoes.  The leather bottom type that is practically nothing.  Yes, because she could possibly have an explosive in that size two shoe.  It's cool, I'm in a good mood, we're having fun, so off come the shoesies.  I had her in the Bjorn the whole time at the 'port because I'm that mom.  whatever that means.  But obviously, they wanted her out at security.  (FYI this isn't law if you look at the standards on the TSA website.) So when we make it through the metal detector I set her on the carry-on bag to suit back up.  "BABY ON BELT!"  *all action comes to a screeching halt.* 'cuz she was there all of 3 seconds too.  Honestly, I thought it was nice, way to have my kid's safety first.  I can handle that.  :)  

Then we get on the plane, mind you, I was PREPARED.  I had sippy cups filled, in the little pocket in front of me for easy access, books, toys and every other needful item within hands reach and I KNEW where they were before anyone else even boarded.  Once everyone is seated and patiently waiting we have a 'flap' issue.  Whatever that is......so they let people deplane or wait for 45 to an hour.  This is not okay.  I had timed her nursing and napping PERFECTLY with the plane ride.  Now she's mad, hungry and I have no choice but to do the necessary right there.  I am not that type of mom.  So she fell asleep before we'd even left the ground.  (See above)  And slept for about 20 minutes after we'd achieved the necessary altitude.  
Then I was left to entertain my child (who had NO interest in ANY of her stuff) with my stuff.  (See below)

We made it only a few minutes late and had no other problems on the plane.

more to come....from that mom....

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