Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Everyday I am loving essential oils just a little bit more

I just 'face-spaced' during nap time and was amazed at how many people posted about aches, pains, depression and other maladies.  It was really eye opening to see!  Each time I thought, "Oh!  I have an oil for that!"  

Cancer?  Frankincense.  When in doubt, use Frank!  Just google those two words together and you'll find so many articles!

Cough that won't go away?  Rosemary!

Autistic child or child that is out of control?  http://www.peacefulchildblend.com/  I'm working on this one myself, but in the mean time, here's the original.

Immune system boost?  On Guard! DoTERRA's blend

Come see my website and discover what doTERRA can do for you.  If you look around and see some things you'd like I'd recommend just signing up for your own membership.  Like a Costco membership you'll have discounted prices and freebies every month with a qualifying order.  This month if you sign up for the Family Physician's Kit you'll also get a free Slim & Sassy  (weight loss oil blend) and a free Wild Orange!  Add on the free Loyalty Rewards Program (monthly order of anything you want) and you'll receive a free Modern Essentials book AND free On Guard Beadlets.  Create an order of over $200 and get a free Immortelle this month too.

I'd love to have you on my team, and together learn more about the power of essential oils and their incredible healing properties.  Want to learn more about the membership?  Go here.

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