Friday, September 13, 2013

Joy in the Journey

So much has happened and changed in the years this blog has laid dormant.

A few months ago we moved our little family out of the desert and into the tropics.  It has been so refreshing to see the ocean on a weekly basis!  To enjoy the water and put our feet in the sand.

It is amazing how much has changed.

We now have two little babes and my lovely husband is in the throes of graduate school.  We live near his parents and it has been interesting living where he grew up.  Its one thing to come and visit and see the high school he went to and the stores he's told me about, but now they are my stores, and if we stay here my kids future high school.  Fortunately that is many MANY years off!

I have changed so much on this path of crunchiness.  I went from pro-circ, pro-vax, anti-organic (because its not that much better anyway) to very anti-circ, and mostly anti-vax.  I word it that way because it is something I believe, but I don't (yet!) have the strong picket sign opinion that seems to be shared by most people with those beliefs.  I don't even really know where it came from.  I think for me I tried to lay out the risks and benefits FOR MY FAMILY and am presently in the camp of its not worth it and at least with my baby feel very uncomfortable about it.  He had a welt on the spot after an injection at 9 months for over a month!  I called and complained and got that that's a typical reaction.  Really?  That's why it was listed on the sheet?  (Which if you couldn't guess it wasn't!)

I certified as a postpartum doula.  I would love to move into birth doula, but don't feel like the hours are what my family needs right now.  Between my husband's full course load in grad school and his full-time job I can't add more right now without becoming a circus performer.  ;)

I aslo jumped into doTERRA essential oils!  Which I love!  I love the way I can feel good about my kids applying them solo, (something both of them really enjoy) and I truly believe in people making their family's health better.  I believe that homes should be a haven from everything on the outside.  Essential oils make my life simpler, more streamlined and definitely less filled with doctor's visits and co-pays!  Soon I'll start posting some of my favorites and what they can do for you.

Comment below with what you'd like to see more!

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