Monday, July 18, 2011

Contain your happiness

No, I'm not talking about your kids or your pets.  But your stuff!  Specifically, your kitchen.  A few months ago I had an epiphany.  I don't know if I was nudged along towards said epiphany, or if I came up with it all on my own, BUT! did you know that all the stuff you buy comes in its own container??  
I know!  Right?  
So you have three choices when you finish that marshmallow creme.  Or that cute jam jar.  Or...
  1. Throw it out.  ("Hooray, for no clutter in your home!"  or "Boo!  You bought it fair and square, you should keep it!")
  2. Recycle it.  ("Yay!  You're de cluttering AND earth conscience!  woohoo!")
  3. Keep it.  ("Yay!  You've already paid for it anyway!")

  Did you know that some companies will charge more for the glass option than the plastic?
I was throughly disappointed the other day when I went to buy more marshmallow creme, (for the container of course) and lo and behold!  It comes soft plastic --probably melt in the microwave -- container.  I was so saddened I walked away without the white fluff.  (I'm sure that the plastic is cheaper, but they didn't even lower the price for the product.  Boo.) Personally, I love the glass option.  I can put leftovers in the pickle jar and not worry about it being stained like plastic and tupperware and therefore, much more washable.  They come in great sizes and shapes! My point is that you're paying for your containers.  So, before you throw them to the curb, maybe there's something you could use it for and not have to buy more tupperware.  
I'm just sayin'.  What about you?  Is this something you do or would consider? 

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